Not every project, business or NFT artist can afford tens of thousands of dollars for marketing every month. It's intimidating and expensive, we know this from experience. But even if you could afford it, who can you trust? Where do you look? Up until now these were valid concerns, but with our promotional services and decentralized exchange, we're here to change the game.



8% Automatic Liquidity (Auto Burn)

4% Marketing/Development

3% Reflection/Rewards for holders

2% Buybacks/Burns (Hyper-Deflation)

Total Supply: 100,000,000,000,000

Burned Supply: 62% of total

Liquidity: 100% of available supply

Liquidity Generation Sale: 16% of total

Airdropped Supply: 3% to DOGUE holders

Ecosystem Supply: 3% of total supply

Anti-Whale Mechanics: 1% of total supply


PROMO holders get their bags filled with extra tokens off of every transaction processed. Our smart contracts 3% reflection function instantly rewards holders by splitting the totals among all who hold our token. It's an easy way to get rewarded without having to do anything complicated like staking or yield farming.


PROMO holders who refer business to us receive 1/3 of the revenue generated through that referral. Our ideal clientele is literally anyone who's in need of gaining some visibility for whatever it is they're offering. It can be a crypto project, an NFT artist, a website you shop at, or your cousins repair shop down the street, seriously. All you have to do is put the person in contact with us and sit back and get paid, that's it.


We shell out money for marketing and allow anyone with a product, service or cryptocurrency project to piggyback off our expenditures at a low barrier of entry. This is done by selling promotional services and ad space off of our website and social media channels, so when people visit us, they not only learn about PROMO, but they also have the opportunity to learn about other projects, products and services as well. We offer banner ads, swap widgets, newsletters, our hot list, ad space, prize giveaways, and much, much more. All of this allows us to bring in additional revenue that we can then turnaround and use on more marketing and development than what we otherwise would've been able to afford.


A total of 10% of every transaction is used to pump the price of PROMO with our buybacks, burns and automatic liquidity functions. 8% of that is allocated towards the creation/burning of new liquidity, with the remaining 2% assigned to our buybacks and burns. These functions are extremely effective and combine to continuously lift the price floor, while also adding an important element of safety because as the liquidity is being created our contract is also instantly burning the LP as well. This goes above and beyond simply locking the liquidity and not only eliminates the possibility of a rug, but also amplifies the level in which tokens are being burned and taken out of circulation.



This video on the right is from the random outcome generator that we'll be using for our lottery. All we do is download our token holders list from BSCSCAN and add it's contents into the generator and hit "start".


 The entire process gets recorded live with every result being posted on our social media channels. The winning wallet must claim their prize within 24 hours, with the beginning of the next lottery being the exact deadline. Any unclaimed prizes get rolled over into the next lottery draw.


Our clients can use our lottery system to offer prizes to our holders for completing certain tasks like basic social media engagement. Each token holder gets one entry per giveaway and the reward amount is based on the % of tokens they own from the total PROMO supply.


Prizes can range from PROMO tokens, NFTS, gift cards and a multitude of other things that's based on the client who hired us for this service. Each scenario will likely be unique to that client, but what's for certain is that PROMO holders are the ones who win.



Rent this space out to showcase your NFTS to a wider audience. You can add a description about you and your artwork and gain the necessary visibility that's needed to take your project to the next level.



  • Token Launch

  • Lock Liquidity

  • Twitter/Telegram Marketing

  • Implement Hot List

  • $100,000 Market cap

  • Implement Swap Wall

  • Marketing Phase 2

  • Partnership Announcement

  • Implement Referral Program

  • Marketing Phase 3

  • Community Development

  • Partnership Announcement 2


  • Whitepaper release

  • Expand Core Team

  • DEX Development

  • CEX Listing

  • Partnership Announcement 5

  • Marketing Phase 7

  • $5,000,000 Market cap

  • Partnership Announcement 6

  • Marketing Phase 8

  • Website Update

  • PROMO Staking Development

  • Roadmap Update

  • Partnership Announcement 7

  • Google Ads Marketing


  • ​Litepaper Release

  • Marketing Phase 4

  • Community Referral Contest

  • Coinmarketcap Listing

  • Add Promotional Services

  • Coingecko Listing

  • Partnership Announcement 3

  • Influencer Partnership

  • Marketing Phase 5

  • Implement Newsletter

  • Partnership Announcement 4

  • Hire Sales Reps

  • Marketing Phase 6

  • Continued Development


  • PROMO DEX Launch

  • Major Partnership Announcement

  • Create Staking Dashboard

  • Staking Contract Audit

  • PROMO DEX Audit

  • Add Partner Tokens for Staking

  • CEX Listing 2

  • Marketing Phase 9

  • Partnership Announcement 8

  • Marketing Phase 10

  • Influencer Partnership 2

  • Additional Search Engine Ads

  • $40,000,000 Market cap

  • More to be Announced